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Press Release – Hack4Values: Communication Without Borders and Yogosha’s Bug Bounty platform, hand in hand to help NGOs

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Capture d_écran 2017-12-14 à 21.46.48Hack4Values: Communication Without Borders and Yogosha’s Bug Bounty platform, hand in hand to help NGOs.
Paris, Dec 14th 2017 – With Communication Without Borders, Yogosha’s Bug Bounty platform is tackling a new challenge: securing NGOs.

Communication Without Borders, Yogosha, and its community of cybersecurity experts are embarking on a new mission: contribute to NGOs’ cybersecurity through Hack4values, an initiative designed to enable NGOs to identify and correct security vulnerabilities located on their technologies. The initiative was successfully inaugurated last summer by Amnesty International.

NGOs, like corporation groups and institutions, have engaged in a digital transformation  process for years, but at the dawn of a twenty-first century of increasingly pressing cyber threats, it is becoming essential to build resilience to these new dangers. With this in mind, Communication Without Borders and Yogosha have designed a Bug Bounty implementation that allows NGOs to leverage Yogosha’s ethical hackers community. Finding and correcting IT vulnerabilities in order to build a solid and sustainable digital foundation for NGOs will now be much easier, thanks to the Hack4values initiative.

For Communication Without Borders and Yogosha, protecting these NGOs is essential, because securing their data means securing the people helped by these NGOs, but also their staff, volunteers, donors and the very existence of these organizations in the future.

After a first successful trial run in partnership with Amnesty International, covering both its infrastructure, web technologies and means of communication such as the NGO’s messaging and telephony, the Hack4values intitiative is now being extended to other international NGOs. Yogosha and Communication Without Borders will officially launch the initiative on December 18th at Station F, during the twelfth edition of the Solidarity & Communication Meetings, and invite all the the NGOs to join this initiative.

« Providing digital relief and assistance to NGOs, and helping to uphold the values they defend is part of the DNA and background of Yogosha’s founders. This initiative, designed with Communication Without Borders, seemed obvious and appeared as a duty to all of us, as well as to our community gathered around the Bug Bounty platform we created two years ago » explains Yassir Kazar, CEO & Co-founder of Yogosha.

« When Communication Without Borders develops a project, it does so with the best. This is the case with this unique initiative developed with Yogosha. NGOs’ survival is at stake. By protecting them from malicious acts in cyberspace, we can now help protect their supporters and personnel, and help them build their digital sustainability. Without such sustainability, today, they are facing a lethal hazard. » adds Bruno-Georges David, President and Founder of Communication Without Borders.


About Communication Without Borders
Communication Without Borders brings together information science and technology professionals, researchers and students who share a common goal to promote and improve the practice of ethical and deontological activities in communication professions.
Communication Without Borders wants to facilitate meetings and gathering between professionals and future communication professionals in order to share ideas and make communication on solidarity actions more effective.
These actions can concern prevention, awareness raising of all humanitarian and charitable action, fair trade and sustainable development projects.

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About Yogosha
Yogosha, a word that means “defense” in japanese, is a Bug Bounty platform addressing the EMEA zone. The startup relies on an international elitist ethical hacker community, allowing its clients to search for the security vulnerabilities located in their IT on a performance-based payment ROI. Using a simple and intuitive user interface, corporations and organizations can easily collaborate with high end profiles within the IT security community.

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